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E-Mon Announces New Din-Mon Family of DIN-rail Mountable Smart Meters

E-Mon Announces New PowerSmart Family of Power Quality Meters

E-Mon Announces New Multi-Mon 36-channel Branch Circuit Energy Monitor.

E-Mon Announces BTL & LonMark Approvals for Smart Meter BAS Protocols.

E-Mon Releases New IDR with Dual-Protocol Communication Capabilities!

E-Mon Releases New Smart Meters with Dual-Protocol Communication Capabilities!

E-Mon Celebrates 30 years as Submetering Market Leader!

White Papers/Articles

Glumac-Irvine, CA Case Study - Energy Meters Shine Light On Power Consumption

Communicating Submeter Data via BACnet

Electric Submeters Help High Rise Facility Managers Save Energy and Cut Costs

Energize Your Conservation & Energy Efficiency Measures With Submeters: Innovation in Green Technologies

Facility Care: You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

Leverage Submetering for Building Management System Integration

Integrating Submeters with Building Management Systems for Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

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E-Mon D-Mon Submeters
The leader in submetering for over 30 years.

E-Mon, established in 1981, is the leading manufacturer of solid-state electronic kWh submeters, energy monitors, interval data recorders and automatic meter reading software.

E-Mon D-Mon submeters are installed worldwide for tenant billing, cost allocation, green building programs and load profiling in skyscrapers, shopping centers, airports, factories, office buildings, apartment complexes, industrial, governmental and educational facilities.

Application Resources

Education Application Flyer
Government Application Flyer
Owner Occupied Facility Application Flyer
Property Management Application Flyer

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Celebrating 30 Years of Submetering Excellence

E-Mon D-Mon Products

As the 30-Year Industry Leader in submetering, E-Mon provides the most flexible, reliable and cost effective solutions for submetering applications. Whether you require a single stand alone meter or a complete metering solution, E-Mon is your One-Stop Shop for submetering.

E-Mon D-Mon Submetering Products

E-Mon Metering Products Application Flyer

Class 1000-Single Phase kWh Meters
Class 2000-Three Phase kWh/KWMeters
Class 3200-Smart Meters w/Communication
Class 3400-Smart Meters w/Communication
Class 4000-Multi-Family Single Phase Meters
Class 5000-Smart Meter w/Communication
Green Class Meter-Meter w/ CO2 Data
Green Class Net Meter -Smart Net Meter
Multi-Mon -Branch Circuit Monitor
PowerSmart+ Essential -PQ Meter
PowerSmart+ Advanced PQ Meter
PowerSmart+ Socket -PQ Socket Meter
MMU Multiple Meter Unit Cabinets
Din-Mon D2 Single Protocol Smart Meter
Din-Mon D5 Dual Protocol Smart Meter
• E-Mon D-Mon Split-Core Current Sensors
• Multi-Mon & PowerSmart Current Sensors
Din-Mon Current Sensors
• Other Meter Options & Accessories

Third Party Products

Hot Water Meters
Cold Water Meters
Gas Meters
Steam Meters
BTU Meters

Metering Systems & Components

E-Mon Submetering System Application Flyer

IDR Interval Data Recorders
E-Mon Energy Software
Web-Mon Web Enabled Energy Monitor




NFMT-Baltimore, MD-3/4-6
Hawaii Buildings show-Honolulu-3/12-13
Buildings NY Show-NYC-3/19-20
EBMI Electrical Expo-St. Charles, MO-3/25-26




Billows Show-Vorhees, NJ-4/3
Globalcon-Atlantic City, NJ-4/9-10
Energy 2014-Puerto Rico-4/12
NIEC Trade Show-Council Bluffs, IA-4/23-24
IEC-FWCC Electrical Showcase-Tampa, FL-4/24

Tridium Niagara Summit-Las Vegas, NV-4/27




MEET 2014-Moncton NB, Canada-5/7-8
West PA Elect League Expo-Pittsburgh, PA - 5/14

IAEI Roger Williams Show-Swansea, MA-5/15





New Product News



DIN-Rail Mountable Smart Meters


Din-Mon Meter

The Din-Mon family of DIN-rail Mountable smart meters allow facility managers to increase the granularity of their energy intelligence while monitoring the buildings' energy usage. These compact, non-metallic enclosed meters can be easily integrated into existing systems to perform advanced energy monitoring and communications at the point of load. This in turn helps building operators improve energy savings while reducing operating costs.


Sales & Support


E-Mon provides nationwide sales and technical support via a network of regional sales managers, independent reps and over 5,000 electrical distributors, 400 of which carry E-Mon D-Mon submeters in stock.


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