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News & Resources

3/27/2014 E-Mon Announces New Din-Mon Family of DIN-rail Mountable Smart Meters
11/6/2013 E-Mon Announces New PowerSmart Family of Power Quality Meters
10/15/2013 E-Mon Announces New Multi-Mon 36-channel Branch Circuit Energy Monitor.
7/1/2013 E-Mon Announces BTL & LonMark Approvals for Smart Meter BAS Protocols.
12/1/2011 E-Mon Releases New Smart Meters with Dual-Protocol Communication Capabilities!
White Papers/Articles Glumac-Irvine, CA Case Study - Energy Meters Shine Light On Power Consumption
Electric Submeters Help High Rise Facility Managers Save Energy and Cut Costs
Energize Your Conservation & Energy Efficiency Measures With Submeters: Innovation in Green Technologies
Leverage Submetering for Building Management System Integration
Integrating Submeters with Building Management Systems for Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings



West Coast Energy Management Congress- Seattle-5/25-26

Sales & Support

E-Mon provides nationwide sales and technical support via a network of regional sales managers, independent reps and over 5,000 electrical distributors, 400 of which carry E-Mon submeters in stock.
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