Stand Alone Metering Products

E-Mon offers a wide variety of metering products and solutions to fit virtually any application including stand-alone meters for "walk up and read" applications.

E-Mon meters install quickly and safely using E-Mon's patented 0-2V output split-core current sensors. The sensors "snap" around the load wires to be monitored in the electrical panel.
The meter enclosure provides various displays of energy usage data based on actual usage and can be remotely mounted up to 2,000 feet away from the panel being monitored. This allows the user to retrieve their energy data from a convenient location within their facility.

For applications where the metering requirements have expanded, E-Mon stand alone meters easily interface to E-Mon's automatic meter reading system (E-Mon Energy), Web-Mon for web-enabled energy monitoring, E-Mon's wireless metering system, as well as other building management systems.