Submetering Systems

E-Mon Energy Software
E-Mon Energy software is an energy monitoring system that allows users to read and monitor energy consumption easily & effectively via on-site or off-site non-dedicated computers. The software allows the user to generate graphs and profiles of interval energy data for demand analysis and usage reduction. E-Mon Energy will also generate itemized tenant electrical bills for tenant allocation, departmental allocation, and usage verification. Communication options include hard-wire, Telephone, Ethernet, Internet & Wireless.

Attune Energy Dashboard Service
The Attune cloud-based energy dashboard service provides users with real-time and historical energy data for electric, gas, water, steam and fuel oil. Analytics are provided as widgets in a graphically intuitive, web-based interface which makes them easy to understand.
Visualizing energy data makes it easy to identify anomolies for corrective action and potential energy reduction. Trending and normalizing of energy usage against weather data and various energy rates will provide the detail needed to make informed energy saving decisions and perform ongoing measurement and verification. Historical data storage allows users to review past usage and reports to project future energy consumption for budgeting and trending. Fifteen-minute interval data is stored for 18 months and is refreshed in rolling 15-minute intervals.

Web-Mon (Web-Enabled Energy Monitor)
Web-Mon is an ideal solution for monitoring interval energy data from E-Mon D-Mon and other utility meters via the internet. The Web-Mon dashboards include energy profiling charts and graphs as well as a carbon footprint dashboard to see exactly how your energy usage affects the environment. This is an ideal solution when the goal is to educate tenants or users of their energy consumption and to review effects of energy reduction measures.