Class 3200 Three-Phase Smart Meter Engineering Specifications

Jan 01, 0001

The specifications below are designed to be cut and pasted into your engineering/ordering documents for easy specification of E-Mon D-Mon Class 3200 meters.

  • Meter shall be fully electronic with 4-line by 20-character backlit LCD display showing kWh, kW demand (with peak date and time), power factor per phase, real-time load in kW, Amps per phase and Volts per phase.
  • Meter shall use 0-2 volt output current sensors to allow paralleling and/or mounting up to 500 feet from the meter. Sensors shall be of split-core configuration to allow installation without disconnecting cabling, etc. Sensors shall be available from 100 amp to 3200 amp. Sensors shall be optionally available in solid-core configuration (100 & 200 amp.)
  • Meter shall be field programmable for meter date/time and ID code for communication options.
  • Meter shall provide installation diagnostics on display.
  • Meter shall be enclosed in a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure (standard) with padlocking hasp & mounting flanges for indoor/outdoor installation (stand alone) with one 1 1/16" KO on bottom of enclosure. Optional MMU enclosure or heavy duty JIC steel enclosure available.
  • Meter shall be UL Listed/CUL Listed to latest applicable standards for safety.
  • Meter shall meet or exceed ANSI C12.20 accuracy standards.
  • Meter shall be CE Mark approved.
  • Meter shall meet or exceed MID accuracy standards.
  • Meter shall providenon-volatile memory to maintain reading during power outages.
  • Meter shall store interval data for kWh and kVARh for up to 72 days in first-in first-out format (Standard firmware.) Interval data not available via BACnet.
  • Meter shall be optionally available in single-phase, 3-wire configuration.
  • Meter shall be capable of daisy-chain connection using RS-485 communications in combinations of Din-Mon D2 & D5, Class 3200s, 3400s, 5000s, IDR-8s, IDR-16s not to exceed 52 devices. Cabling shall be daisy-chain configuration, 3-conductor, 18-22 AWG, up to 4,000 cable feet total.
  • Meter shall be available with the following communication protocols:
    - Requires E-Mon Energy software for reading: EZ7 RS-232/RS-485 hard-wire connection (Standard)
    - Requires third-party EMS/BMS system supplied by others. E-Mon Energy software not used; Modbus RTU (optional), BACnet MS/TP (optional)
  • BACnet protocol shall be BTL Certified.

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