Class 4100 Single-Phase Wireless kWh Meter Engineering Specifications

Jan 01, 0001

The specifications below are designed to be cut and pasted into your engineering/ordering documents for easy specification of E-Mon D-Mon Class 4100 wireless meters.

  • Electronic meter shall be equipped with electromechanical 6-digit display without multiplier displaying cumulative kWh.
  • Meter has built-in wireless transceiver for in-building remote meter data collection and can interface with E-Mon wireless data collectors to automatically compile data in PC-based E-Mon metering software.
  • Wireless transceiver is FCC certified not to interfere with existing infrastructure.
  • Wireless mesh network operates in the 915 MHz frequency hopping spread-spectrum license-free band. No cellular wireless service contracts are required.
  • Meters with built-in wireless tranceivers can be mounted inside buildings within approximately 500 feet line-of-sight from each other and up to 200 feet through walls, depending on wall material.
  • Meter shall provide a load indicator to indicate real-time consumption levels for field testing and certification.
  • Meter shall be enclosed in a non-metallic enclosure equipped with an optional sealing method to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Meter shall be UL Listed/CUL Listed, certified by a nationally recognized independent test facility to ANSI C12.1 and C12.16 specifications with split-core current sensors, California CTEP approved for use with solid-core current sensors, New York City approved and Con Edison approved for RSP program.
  • Meter shall maintain reading during power outages.
  • Meter shall use 0-2 volt output split-core current sensors to allow paralleling and/or mounting up to 2,000 feet from the meter. Sensors shall be of split-core configuration to allow installation without powering down. Sensors shall be available from 100 amp to 2200 amp. Sensors shall be optionally available in solid-core configuration (100 & 200 amp.)
  • Meter shall be capable of paralleling up to three (3) sets of current sensors for cumulative reading of multiple loads fed by common transformer.
  • Meter shall be provided with modular connector(s) to provide interfacing with AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) and/or Building Management/Energy Management Systems
  • Meters shall be compatible with E-Mon Energy Software.

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