Esplanade Place

Esplanade Place Submetering for Tenant Cost Allocation- Phoenix, AZ

The Challenge

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Esplanade Place is a 12-floor luxury condominium building that overlooks downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The mid-rise residence provides the equivalent of four- and five-star hotel amenities to its residents. At the time of construction, E-Mon D-Mon advanced submeters were installed in all 56 residential units to facilitate pro-rata energy cost allocation and monitor energy consumption on a daily basis and at a moment's notice.

Facility managers said residents who move to Esplanade from homes in the suburbs with similar square-footage enjoy significant energy cost savings because of the modern technologies used to operate the building. However, tracking energy usage in the building's common areas presented another challenge.

Esplanade's hallways and common areas are lighted with 60 chandeliers that initially burned incandescent 60-watt bulbs. The rooftop pool at Esplanade is kept at a constant temperature using two five-ton heating pumps, and the building itself is cooled with two large EvapCo cooling towers.

Without an Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) system, facility managers were required to manually read meters and create accurate energy bills for residents. the process was time-consuming and inefficient as the staff tracked energy usage by manually entering data into a spreadsheet program. Because the advanced metering technology was not being utilized to its full potential, facility managers contacted the energy information experts at E-Mon.


To improve residential tenant billing for energy use, Esplanade facility managers and E-Mon installed CAT5 cabling to network the meters to a central computer from which billing could easily be managed, using E-Mon Energy meter reading and energy analysis software. Three additional advanced meters were installed and monitored to improved access to energy use information for common areas, the pool and cooling towers. Although there was no monitoring history for the common areas, the new meters, automated meter reading system and software made it very easy to see where and how much energy was being consumed in the various areas of the property. With this new information, some opportunities for conservation and cost savings were identified.


Energy Savings

By adding an Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) system and additional meters, facility managers at Esplanade were able to create energy bills more accurately, timely and seamlessly for their luxury condominium residents, who expect the highest level of service and the cost savings associated with energy efficient new construction, according to project managers who oversaw the installation of the EEM system for Esplanade. Beyond improving internal operations and overall costs for residents, Esplanade facility managers were also able to identify opportunities for energy efficiency in the common areas for considerable cost savings throughout the building.

Armed with their newly obtained energy intelligence, facility managers replaced hundreds of 60-watt incandescent light bulbs throughout the

building's common areas. By replacing the bulbs with fluorescent bulbs, which require less energy for the same light, management not only saved energy and money on lighting; it was also able to reduce the building's air-conditioning energy needs. The heat factor of the incandescent bulbs had been requiring additional energy and money to cool the common areas. Managers not only replaced the bulbs, they also staggered the timing of the lights to reduce the amount of load placed on the electrical system at one time. In a two-day period during the summer, facility managers watched as energy usage for the building dropped from 225 kWh to 135 kWh. The cost of energy for these common areas and amenities dropped dramatically from more than $1,000 per month to about $400.

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