Energize Your Conservation and Energy Efficiency Measures With Submeter Innovation

The level of sophisticated energy profiling needed by high-volume consumers is unobtainable using the standard utility meter found at the facility’s main electrical service entrance. In response to the need for greater granularity in terms of the energy intelligence needed to optimize today’s facility operations, electric submeters continue to provide a cost-effective way to help identify literally thousands of dollars in previously hidden energy savings opportunities.

Submeters can reveal operational inefficiencies, demand spikes and other bottom-line impacting events, while increasing facility operational effectiveness. As metering devices with monitoring capability that are installed on the facility side of the master meter (Figure 1), submeters provide any or all of the following:

  • Usage analysis and peak demand identification
  • Time-of-use metering of electricity, gas, water, steam, BTUs and other energy sources
  • Cost allocation for tenant billing
  • Measurement, verification, and benchmarking for energy initiatives like BOMA BESt (BOMA Canada’s Green Globes-based commercial building certification program), LEED energy and water efficiency credits, and others.
  • Load comparisons
  • Threshold alarming and notification;
  • Multi-site load aggregation and real-time historical monitoring of energy consumption patterns for negotiating lower energy rates, and more

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