Press Release: E-Mon Announces Multi-Mon 36-Channel Branch Circuit Energy Monitor

Press Release: E-Mon Announces Multi-Mon 36-Channel Branch Circuit Energy Monitor

E-Mon Announces Multi-Mon, New 36-Channel Branch Circuit Energy Monitor for Simultaneous Single- and Multi-Phase Applications. Compact device accepts any combination of 1-, 2- and 3-phase delta or wye loads up to 36 inputs; standard Modbus communication via RS-485 (RTU) or optional Ethernet (IP).

LANGHORNE, PA — October 15, 2013 — E-Mon, the electric submetering market leader and manufacturer of the widely installed E-Mon D-Mon product line, announces Multi-Mon, a new three-phase, multi-function Amperage/Volt demand meter that will provide improved energy efficiency and monitoring capabilities for multi-family, commercial, industrial, data center and other branch circuit monitoring applications.

A single Multi-Mon metering unit can monitor any combination of single- or multi-phase inputs totaling 36 channels. Accordingly, this permits configuration of up to three dozen single-phase, 18 two-phase, 12 three-phase or other load combinations up to the device's maximum input capability. As such, Multi-Mon provides an off-the-shelf, "custom standard" solution for just about any branch circuit monitoring need.

"The Multi-Mon branch circuit monitor complements E-Mon's other advanced metering products by offering a packaged solution that system designers and end users can easily integrate with their own equipment to provide an advanced solution for energy monitoring, tenant billing, cost allocation, power quality management and energy data visualization at the branch circuit level," said Don Millstein, president of E-Mon.

"This capability will be especially valuable in bringing greater granularity of energy intelligence to existing building systems and will cut down on metering bill of materials, facilitate greater energy savings and lower operating costs through optimized electrical system performance," he said.

Other key Multi-Mon features include:
  • Available with solid- or split-core current sensors for optimum installation flexibility; 100-1200A
  • Compatible with E-Mon Energy software via EZ7 protocol for automatic meter reading, billing and profiling
  • Multi-Mon is powered by the measured voltages; no external power supply needed
  • Internal real-time clock can run for more than one week without external power
  • DIN rail mounting inside branch panel or optional steel enclosure for local mounting.

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