E-Mon Hires Chris Rennick as VP of Government Sales

LANGHORNE, PA—September 16, 2009—E-Mon, LLC, the electric submetering market leader and manufacturer of the widely installed E-Mon D-Mon® product line, announces the appointment of Christopher P. Rennick as the company’s new Vice President of Government Sales, effective August 17, 2009. Rennick will work extensively in Washington, D.C. and around the country while developing and implementing E-Mon’s government sales strategy, including identifying sales opportunities, negotiating contracts, reviewing regulatory issues and spearheading key registrations, such as GSA and others.

“The Federal market is red-hot for metering,” said Don Millstein, President of E-Mon, “and Chris will be of great value assisting our regional managers, local representatives and electrical distributors in selling to the government using a top-down approach in conjunction with our normal regional strategy.” According to company sources, EMon’s current double-digit growth curve is expected to continue as a result of more aggressive penetration of government markets in response to EPAct 2005, EISA 2007 and other initiatives mandating the metering of all 500,000+ Federal facilities by 2012 and significant improvements in facility energy efficiency, conservation an cost reduction over the next decade.

Before joining E-Mon, Rennick’s successful efforts as Government Manager of U.S. Sales for Eaton Corporation resulted in more than 30 percent growth of the company’s Powerware line in the Federal sector. His prior sales management responsibilities at American Power Conversion resulted in key growth of their UPS and data center cooling solutions, and included inside government account management for the US House of Representatives, DoE and other clients.

Rennick received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance from the University of Rhode Island. In addition to being a Registered Financial Representative in his home state, additional experience includes value-priced sales and negotiation strategies, power, cooling, transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) technology and data center design

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Established in 1981, E-Mon is the industry leader in solid-state electronic kilowatt-hour submeters, automaticmeter reading software and other energy management products and services. Almost 500,000 E-Mon products are installed worldwide for tenant billing, cost allocation, demand side management, energy conservation and load profiling across the commercial, industrial, institutional, governmental and multi-family facility landscape. E-Mon is an active member of the Federal Energy Management Program task force, Alliance to Save Energy, Association of Energy Engineers, U.S. Green Building Council and other organizations. For further information, visit: www.emon.com.

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