Multi-Mon Branch Circuit Monitoring


The Multi-Mon is a multiple branch circuit energy monitor that collects granular energy intelligence data for tenant billing, cost allocation and energy management. The device can accommodate up to 36 submetering points, giving total flexibility for configuration of up to 36 single-phase, 18 two-phase, 12 three-phase or any combination thereof. The Multi-Mon is ideal for submetering applications in apartment buildings, multi-tenant commercial buildings, institutions, data centers and more.

Electric Submeter Features

  • Multi-Mon is a three-phase, multi-channel, multi-function Ampere/Volt demand meter suitable for use in single-phase and multi-phase applications.
  • Multi-channel submetering - Up to 36 single-phase, 18 two-phase or 12 three-phase submeters in a single, compact device. Any combination of single-, two- and/or three-phase loads can be monitored up to a total of 36 current inputs.
  • 2-row, 16-character backlit LCD display for easy set-up and programming.
  • Data recorders; programmable periodical data logs separate for each submetered point. Embedded programmable controller (4 control setpoints, programmable thresholds and delays) separate for each metered point. Event recorder for logging internal diagnostic events and setpoint operations.
  • Time-Of-Use, 4 energy/demand registers x 4 tariffs, 4 seasons x 4 types of days, 8 tariff changes per day, easy programmable tariff schedule.
  • Compatible with E-Mon Energy software via EZ7 protocol for automatic meter reading, energy billing and profiling.
  • Supplied with Power Software for meter set up and power quality analysis.
  • Current sensors available in both split & solid-core configurations for increased flexibility in installation. Current sensor leads can be extended up to 500 feet for remote installation. (Current sensors ordered separately. See Multi-Mon current sensor spec for details.)
  • Communication Options:
    • Modbus RTU via RS-485 communication (standard)
    • Modbus TCP/IP via Ethernet (optional)
  • Easy field upgrading device firmware through any communication port.
  • Optionally available pre-installed inside a JIC steel enclosure with lockable window panel and 3-phase voltage terminal block. DImensions 9.06" H x 23.62" W x 6.10" D
  • 60 Hz operation.
  • RTC storage upon loss of power: 24 Hours minimum (1 week typical)
  • Self power supply: 3-phase and Neutral fed from the measured voltages
  • ANSI C12.20 Class 10/20 Class 0.25 Precision (Active Energy)
  • Authorized labs/Approvals: UL Listed for US & Canada, CE, ISO, VNIIMS
  • Compliant with ANSI and IE specifications