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Green Class Meters

With world focus on green building sustainability, E-Mon introduces its Green Class meters. E-Mon D-Mon Green Class meters offer environmentally conscious users the ability to establish benchmark energy usage data, monitor usage trends, record the impact of energy conservation efforts and measurement & verification of ongoing effectiveness of energy savings programs. The meter is ideal for complying with various programs including LEED, EPACT 2005, demand response and renewable energy initiatives. Make E-Mon D-Mon Green Class meters part of your Green Building. Whether displayed in lobbies, tenant spaces or electrical rooms, the Green Class E-Mon D-Mon gets everyone involved in saving energy.

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Green Class Meter Model Specification

Use the menu below as a guide in selecting a meter for your application. Note these are recommended model numbers based on the data you provide, to confirm your selection and find out where to purchase E-Mon products contact your local representative or call E-Mon at (800) 334-3666.