Model Information

Class 1000 submeter

Available Configurations

MMU 8 - Up to 8 Meters/Blanks
MMU 16 - Up to 16 Meters/Blanks
MMU 24 - Up to 24 Meters/Blanks


When ordering, specify configuration, meters to be contained inside cabinet and blank spaces (if any)


1 MMU16
9 E20-208200-MKIT
2 E20-480400-MKIT
5 MMU Blank Spaces


NOTE: IDR Interval Data Recorders can be factory installed inside MMU enclosure and shipped to you as a complete metering package.

If you would like meters in a certain location inside the cabinet, specify when ordering.



MMU Multiple Meter Unit Compact Enclosure Cabinets



• Space-saving multiple meter units available in configurations containing up to 8, 16 or 24 meters.

• MMU cabinets may contain any combination of E-Mon D-Mon Class 1000, Class 2000 (kWh or kWh/Demand) Class 3200 and standard Green Class Meters.

• Compact installation of multiple meters allows for easy and centralized reading.

• IDRs (Interval Data Recorders) can be factory installed inside the MMU enclosures along with the meters allowing for easy interface to the E-Mon Energy software system. (IDRs are mounted on the back wall of the enclosure).

• Three-phase MMU cabinets come with factory prewired voltage feeds. If IDR(s) are installed inside the MMU cabinet, the connections from the meters to the IDR are also prewired at the factory.

• MMU cabinets may contain meters of different voltage configurations. (i.e. 208V & 480V meters inside a single MMU enclosure. ) Note that voltage from all sources being monitored will need to be fed to the MMU enclosure.

MMU Dimensions

MMU enclosure dimensions









Downloads/Related Documents

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