Spyder Model 5 VAV Controller

All-in-one efficiency, even in the smallest spaces
  • Compact VAV controller freely programmable with Niagara 4 WEBS Supervisor or Plant Controller supporting online changes via BACnet MS/TP.
  • Migration tool enabling fast conversion of Spyder Classic programs
  • Integrated actuator that is field replaceable
  • 3 solid state relay outputs (DO) reduces wiring and eliminating external relays in many applications such as staged reheat.
  • 10 on-board mixed UI, AO, DO I/O points (including actuator) to fit many application needs
  • 72-hour data backup protects against loss of project data
  • Built-in 24VAC power output eliminates the extra cost of an external power supply
  • 4 Mb memory capacity
  • Supports up to 3 Honeywell Sylkbus devices (1 TR120 wall module)
  • No Niagara license required since it is programmed with Niagara 4 WEBS Supervisor or Plant Controller