Remote Temperature Controllers

For ON/OFF temperature control in ducts, tanks, heating and refrigeration units, greenhouses, animal confinement buildings and other applications where electronic accuracy in addition to remote sensing is desired, Honeywell Remote Temperature Controllers are the answer. You’ll get the famous Honeywell accuracy and long-term performance.

Built-in control
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface with intuitive programming
  • Internal time clock schedule saves energy during unoccupied times
  • NEMA 4X enclosure option
  • Modulating high or low limit control provides the ability to adjust temperature at sensor A to protect equipment at sensor B
  • Universal model available to control pressure, humidity or temperature
  • Special sequencing model available for staging up to 12 replays with up to two setpoints
  • Special boiler model available
  • Electronic Standalone Controller
The perfect choice for refrigerated areas
  • Perfect for use where remote mounting of sensing element is required to limit or control temperature in refrigerated areas
  • Liquid-filled copper elements provide rapid sensing to control compressor system
  • Controller element can be directly immersed in the controlled medium
  • Control temperature in a duct, tank, freezer or cooler
  • Adjustable control setpoint
  • Ambient temperature compensation provides good temperature control
  • Models include L480,T4031, T6031
  • Refrigeration Controllers
Modulating control of liquid or air
  • Used for modulating control of water or air temperature in ducts, tanks and similar applications
  • Fast response models (for duct mounting) have coiled sensing element giving at least four times faster response than standard models
  • Ambient temperature compensated for the case and tubing
  • Sensing element capillary tubing allows remote mounting of sensing element
  • Setpoint may be read and adjusted through cover
  • Throttling dial inside case adjusts proportional throttling range
  • Models T991, T915
  • Product Resources for Proportional Temperature Controllers
Regulate temperature of liquids or air in a variety of applications
  • Used to regulate temperature of air or liquids in ducts, pipes, tanks and boilers
  • Suitable for applications requiring temperature control of air or liquids where controller must be placed outside the sensing area
  • Typical uses include control of dampers and valves in heating, cooling and heating-cooling systems
  • Fast response models (available for use in return air duct) operate approximately four times faster than standard models
  • Controller can be mounted in any position
  • Ambient temperature compensation provides good temperature control
  • Models T0431, T6031, T675, T678
  • Standard Remote Bulb Controllers
Line voltage control for farm applications
  • Provide line voltage control of heating, cooling and ventilating systems in farm buildings or storage areas
  • Use in barns, poultry houses, hog barns, pump houses, milk houses and crop storage houses
  • Treated to resist corrosion
  • Slots in front and bottom of case provide maximum air circulation over the coiled sensing element
  • SPDT snap switches permanently sealed against corrosion
  • Easy mounting using screws through holes in back of case
  • Models available with a NEMA 4X enclosure (T631F or T631G)
  • Farm and NEMA 4 Temperature Controllers
Freeze protection at a low cost
  • Used to limit or control temperature in air conditioning systems or refrigerated enclosures
  • Applications include freezer cabinets, display cases, beverage coolers, milk cooling tanks and cooling coils
  • Can act as a frost alarm operator in storehouses or orchards where frost would damage crops or equipment
  • Models include L480, L482
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