JADE™ economizers are the perfect examples of Honeywell innovation that makes saving energy easier for your customers. For buildings with less than 50,000 sq ft and standalone rooftop unit (RTU) applications, JADE is the best solution for a fresh air ventilation system. JADE Fresh Air Economizers with integrated demand control ventilation (DCV) systems are compatible with most individually packaged rooftop or built-up air handling units.

JADE eliminates the complicated set up typically associated with fresh air ventilation systems and can be installed and configured by technicians without significant training. JADE saves time during installation with clear instructions on its LCD display. This display also gives ongoing economizer status indicating whether the economizer is working properly, satisfying ventilation and cooling needs and minimizing energy costs.

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Efficiency is simply a breeze
  • Brings in outdoor air to naturally lower a building's interior temperature
  • Integrates with CO2 sensors to provide demand control ventilation (DCV) capabilities
  • Designed to work seamlessly with packaged roof top systems and built-up AHUs
  • Onboard fault detection and diagnostics reduce service and commissioning time
  • Operational checkout to verify installation
  • Modular design - low first cost with ability to add options
  • Compatible with Prestige thermostats
  • Meets ASHRAE and Title 24 building standards
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Ensure a perfect balance of energy efficiency and comfort
  • Economizer sensors, along with the JADE economizer logic module and a damper actuator, make up a complete economizer system
  • Digital enthalpy, CO2 and mixed/outdoor air temperature sensors available
  • Variety of mounting options for convenient installation
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