Honeywell's broad line of sensors covers all HVAC control applications and mounting options, making Honeywell your best sensor source. From current sensors for equipment monitoring, temperature sensors for heating and cooling to CO2 sensors for demand control ventilation (DCV), you can count on Honeywell sensors for the latest technology, affordability, ease of installation, accurate performance and reliability.

Selection Guide
Great for Demand Control Ventilation
  • CO2 sensors are used for demand control ventilation (DCV) and air conditioning systems to control the amount of fresh outdoor air supplied to a space for cooling and maintaining acceptable levels of CO2
  • Paired with a Honeywell JADE economizer, C02 sensors can triple the year-round savings over "cooling only" ecomomizing
  • Available in wall or duct mount models
  • Available with or without a display
  • Available with or without onboard humidity and/or temperature display
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Measure operating current level
  • Current sensors detect whether current is flowing and transmit the status to a building management system (BMS), DDC or PLC controller
  • Measure the level of operating current
  • Used to monitor equipment or drive other equipment with a modulating output
  • Help prevent equipment damage and reduce downtime by detecting a motor failure, belt loss or slippage, or a mechanical failure
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Early warning dew point sensors
  • Designed for use in monitoring cooling water pipes or chilled surfaces to determine if temperatures are approaching dewpoint
  • Suitable for mounting on flat and round surfaces
  • Regulate cooling performance, switching cooling systems ON and OFF and signaling if the temperature is approaching the dew point
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Use with JADE Economizer
  • Economizer sensors, along with the JADE economizer logic module and an actuator, make up a complete economizer system
  • Used in ventilation and air conditioning systems to control the amount of fresh outdoor air supplied to a space for cooling and maintaining acceptable levels of CO2
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Exceptional accuracy and reliability
  • Highly accurate, stable humidity transducers designed for use with HVAC controllers, thermostats and direct digital controllers (DDCs)
  • Ceramic technology allows sensors to recover fully from condensation, fog and high humidity
  • Applications include room comfort, rooftop units (RTUs), air handlers, air conditioning and anywhere where relative humidity is tightly controlled
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Eliminate energy waste
  • Wireless solution makes installation clean and easy
  • Use a door switch with an occupancy sensor to prevent the thermostat from going into setback mode when a room is occupied
  • Ideal for new construction or retrofits
  • Door sensor and occupancy sensor come preconfigured
  • Compatible with SuitePRO, MultiPRO, T7350 series and any thermostat with remote setback terminals
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Stable, reliable, maintenance-free operation
  • Provide reliable, accurate measurement and control
  • Suitable for the most demanding, high performance applications
  • Provide stable, maintenance-free operation
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Accurate performance and reliability
  • Cover a variety of applications from averaging, outdoor and immersion sensors to duct-mount, strap-on and wall mount sensors
  • Feature solid-state components and are impervious to dust or dirt
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Wireless technology that makes installation clean and easy
  • Wireless system for quick and easy installation
  • Greatly reduced labor and material costs
  • Integrate with a wide range of controllers adding fully programmable building automation control
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