Wall Modules

You can count on Honeywell wall modules for the latest technology, accurate performance and reliability. Honeywell’s latest Zio family of wall modules include Sylk technology, which simplifies complex wiring and installation, saving time and money on the job.

To learn more about the Zio family of wall modules, check out our video to the right.

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Outstanding HVAC control and flexibility
  • Space temperature sensor with optional humidity or CO2 detection
  • Models available with and without a display
  • Integrated CO2 sensor option supports Demand Control Ventilation improving indoor air quality as needed while reducing building operating costs
  • Two-wire Sylk bus enabled connectivity to save installation time
  • Compatible with Honeywell Spyder, Spyder Model 5, CIPer Model 30, and Stryker controllers (Stryker compatibility limited to TR71, TR75, and TR120 models)
  • Sleek design with an easy-to-use interface
  • Select models let you access and change almost any point in the controller, including scheduling
  • Customizable screen layout to fit different applications and end-user needs
  • Any combination of up to four modules can be installed on a single Sylk bus (excluding TR120)
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Accuracy and simplicity come together
  • Direct-wired analog wall modules plus LonWorks® bus variants
  • Sleek design with models for temperature only or including humidity
  • Space sensor, 20K ohms NTC on most models
  • Models with temperature setpoint adjustment
  • Models with occupied/unoccupied override button with LED indicator
  • Variants with 3 or 5 position fan switch control
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Effortless wireless installation
  • Seamless integration without the hassles and cost of wires , conduits and wall repair
  • Wireless technology reduces labor time and makes sensor relocation a breeze
  • Easy installation with no field configuration - just put up the wall module and wire the receiver to the controller
  • LED signal strength light on the sensor indicates if the RF signal is strong, eliminating guesswork
  • 100 foot range and a 3,000 foot open air range
  • Up to a 7.5-year battery life
  • Compatible with Spyder controllers, Excel 10 controllers, T7350 and T7351 thermostats and various other non-Honeywell controllers
  • Available with a sensor only or with an override and push button
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